United Facilities Distribution & Logistics Warehouses in Illinois

Seeking third-party logistics and distribution warehouses in Illinois? Learn more about United Facilities' distribution centers in Illinois. We have four logistics warehouses in Illinois strategically positioned all over the state. We represent a leading 3PL company in Illinois with 12 logistics warehouses nationwide, enabling us offer total supply chain solutions to our clients.

Illinois Logistics & Warehouse Management Solutions

As Illinois' leading source for logistics and warehouse management solutions, we provide a complete range of supply chain management services. With one logistics warehouses in Illinois, strategically positioned in the Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL and Galesburg, IL areas, our customers leverage a cohesive offering of advanced logistics management capabilities.

Services Offered by our 3PL Company in Illinois

  • Transportation Solutions - Leverage our advanced Illinois 3PL solutions, and trust a team of logistics management experts who know that reliable and efficient transportation is one of the most important aspects of supply chain management. Learn more about our transportation solutions.
  • Warehouse Management & Fulfillment Services - Vital to our Illinois logistics management and warehousing solutions is managing and operating customized, streamlined warehouse and fulfillment services that help boosts our customer's bottom line. Learn more about our warehouse management and fulfillment services.
  • Information Technology & Resources - Operate both turnkey and industry standard warehouse management and packaging systems supported by our information technology (IT) capabilities. With our Illinois 3PL company, your business can leverage rich tracking and reporting capabilities supported by solutions like JDA. Learn more about our IT resources and visit our page on information technology to see more.
  • Packaging & Assembly Solutions - Co-locating our customer's packaging and assembly needs with storage, warehousing, supply chain management solutions saves money and time by eliminating a step in the distribution process. Learn more about how your business can leverage our packaging and assembly solutions with our 3PL company in Illinois.
  • Value Added Services - At United Facilities we have implemented several vital improvements in the way we do business. Continuous Improvement (CI) is the foundation of our services, and it can be defined as ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. See more information about our value added services by clicking here.